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2017-04-09 04:56:46 by beartheroot

Hey there! You like Chowder? That's great!

Chowder was an amazing show run on Cartoon Network for a couple of yesrs, full of food based puns / humour and in my opinion, it was some of the raddest shit out there, and it really cheered me up as a small child, which it may have also done for you.

I feel like CH Greenblatt deserves a huge tribute for this amazing show (Harvey Beaks was also good but let's focus on Chowder) so I thought that me and my friends would make a huge collab about it. And we would like it if you could join too!

However, before you join, here are some rules that need to be abided by:

1) Animation has to be at least good! No stick figures, puppet tools or MS Paint! This also means don't tween the whole damn thing, bring some life into it.

2) No shitposting, I dont want this to be a huge meme

3) No copyrighted music, we dont want to get blammed and we want to put a version of this on YouTube.

4) Feel free to go a bit NSFW, but not over the top.

5) Deadline is January  the 18th. I want people to spend enough time on this so when its watched back, people will be pleased with the effort they have put into it, plus everyone is busy with school / work / other stuff so I figured I'd make the release date pretty far away.

6) Entries have to be 20 seconds minimum. Anything less will have to be a bumper.

7) Make sure to send us some of your previous work so we have a good idea of what you're like

8) Have fun!

Thanks a bunch! If you have any inquiries, feel free to message me or leave a comment.

- rootedroots